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Who needs a light meter or a histogram? Behold the Posographe, an insanely beautiful 1922 mechanical computer for calculating exposure time based on aperture, time of day, sky conditions, and other variables.


I drove all day from Death Valley to Monument Valley chasing storms in fall of 2021. Got completely skunked, lightning-wise, but at the very last minute the sun broke through the clouds for about 5 minutes before setting and threw the towers into this stunning alpenglow, with a little rainbow on the far left.

#StormChasing #MonumentValley #LandscapePhotography #Photography

Well, you all heard the important news.

... the 1970s style guide for Bell System Vehicles is scanned and available for perusal.

Thank you for your understanding.

I just remembered I ordered this video for my old job. Still works.

New cheatsheets pushed🕵️‍♂️​

Including :blobcatnerd:​ :
This service uses facial recognition to find social media profiles.
In these slides, different payloads are analyzed. The main focus lies on meterpreter.
This tool checks if a domain can be spoofed based on SPF and DMARC records.

#infosec #cybersecurity #redteam #hacking

One more teaser image from @sickcodes's presentation to whet your appetites and encourage you to check out their work. 👍😉👍

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I'm looking for an Android app for playing music from downloaded files while offline. I want to be able to create and save playlists, but also to preserve track order by default if I download e.g. a bunch of Bach cello suites.

I prefer an ad-free experience (if nothing else, I'm not going to be looking at the screen while I use this, so ads are a straight-up waste of mobile network connectivity).

Suggestions welcome. (Boosts too.)

Also, what do I want that I don't know I want?

As I am working on research (publication coming very soon) about threats targeting people who prepare taxes this year, I am reminded that sometimes the best ways are the old ways. Be like Herbie Hancock: VisiCalc on the Apple III is one way to avoid getting phished. #MARCHintosh #phishing #tax #CPA #accounting #retrocomputing #apple

flatwoods monster

originally done for the Street Fight Radio zine's CRYPTIDS issue

#MastoArt #Art #Illustration

I think we've collectively miscategorized "Big Tech". We've been using the wrong T word.. They aren't "Big Tech".. They're Big Telemetry.

I finally made the jump to GrapheneOS! This is very usable! It's so nice not to have Google (etc..) peeking over my shoulder constantly!

Every few years, I remember that exists, dust off my old blue box/signaling test set, dial in, and stick it to Ma Bell like it’s 1972.

I no longer have a POTS line, so I had to use a Bluetooth-POTS simulator box with a cellphone. But it works.

Here’s a quick audio sample I just recorded:

After some time I’ve found a way to upcycle Chromebooks to run the latest version of Ubuntu and boot to an external USB drive while maintaining the ChromeOS. The WiFi chips in these models also can create their own wifi networks so they can be short range routers.
What does this actually mean? Instead of requiring new hardware like a raspberry pi, we can take old Chromebooks that schools get rid of in the thousands and actually reuse them to create portable micro servers. Pack them full of offline books, maps, wikis, etc.
There is a major upside compared to using an old Chromebook over a raspberry pi, mainly that it's actually cheaper and can be free depending on how you source your chromebooks. I got 10 at $30 each which is cheaper than a pi or a pi alternative.

The battery life is also insane. I used it for close to 12 hours and it didn't even hit 50% battery loss. They also take very little time to charge so I'm interested to see how much power they might take up while attached to the off grid solar array.

So the plan is to make the docs and work some more on making these into portable offgrid information stations and packing them with info.
#solarpunk #permacomputing

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